Work in progress, 2017

Kind, I’m Kind to You, I'm Kind, 2017

The Rest Oil on Board, 40x40cm 2012

My Friends Oil on Board, 20x30cm 2012

That Song You Like Oil on Board, 20x30cm 2012

Hiya Galerie de l'Angle, Paris 2012

Hiya Galerie de l'Angle, Paris 2012

Hindsight Oil on Canvas 2011

Comma (Test Piece for an Eye Break) 2011

Gremlin Series: You Oil on Board 2011

Told Cole Contemporary, London 2011

Nets: Day Trip Oil on Board 2011

Leaf Oil on Board 2010

Don’t Ask Oil on Canvas 2010

Private Words Oil on Board, 2008

Tic-Tac Oil on Board 2011

Never/Last Oil on Board 2008

Tender Oil on Board 2009

Gold Field Oil on Canvas 2009

Royal College of Art, London 2008  

Salve Oil on Board 2008